Gear Review: Wasabi Power Battery for LP-E6

Wasabi LP-E6 I’ve become fond of trying out aftermarket gear for my camera. Some of the cost savings are pretty significant over getting OEM parts and negligible in terms of cost or in the rare case they didn’t work out, are easy enough to return for a refund.

One such product I’ve tried with great success in the past are the Wasabi batteries for my waterproof Nikon Coolpix AW120 that I have. The batteries performed well so I decided to try the Wasabi Canon LP-E6 for my Canon 5D Mark III.

The 5D Mark III does provide a warning that the battery is irregular. I’ve safely ignored the warning and am able to use the batteries with no issue. The batteries definitely do not last as long as the OEM ones but having 4 batteries at the same price means that I don’t really notice the difference. I recently ran into an issue where all four batteries stopped holding a charge. I reached out to Wasabi and after a quick chat on the phone, they replaced all four for free. I just had to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling. Needless to say, for standing behind their product, they’ve made a customer for life.



  • Single batteries do not last as long as original OEM.
  • Camera warns that battery is irregular (which you can safely ignore).


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